Wilson Alvarez Consulting Group’s hosting services operates its own dedicated network for its Web hosting data center. All of our data center servers are connected to our collision-free, low-latency, fully switched local network, with multiple outgoing lines for redundant connectivity to the Internet. At present, we are operating four fiber optic DS-3′s, connected to three world-class network service providers (commonly referred to as “backbones”).

We pursue a private data delivery philosophy in order to avoid the public exchanges as much as possible when routing our network traffic. This includes hand-tuning our route selection for every destination network on the global Internet, a process we revisit periodically to ensure optimum routing, as well as relying on the standard failover capabilities of BGP4. As of June 10th, 1999, our custom routing configuration gives us:
Direct DS-3 connections to three national backbones: Digex, UUnet (2x), SAVVIS Private data delivery (no public exchange) to over two hundred different backbones and ISPs; far too many to list here. Many of these ISPs and networks are based in other countries, such as Canada, Japan, Germany, Brazil, Hong Kong, etc. Private data delivery to many large corporate sites and smaller, singly-homed ISPs, also far too numerous to track and list here.

This allows at least 90.30% of our outgoing traffic to avoid the public exchanges entirely. We have less control, of course, over inbound paths chosen by other networks, but we believe that at present, at least 85% of our incoming traffic does not pass through public exchanges.

To put the percentage quoted above into perspective, consider that a typical provider delivers 18% or less of their traffic through private data delivery. Our long-term goal is to maintain this percentage at 90% or above.

Please note that we own and operate our own leased lines and network; they are not shared with any other service, and we do not resell services from anyone else’s network or servers.