MIAMIWEBDEVELOPER.COM - Our Miami Web Development team was acquired by Wilson Alvarez Consulting Group, Inc., and has been in the web developing industry since 1995.

A SMALL BIO ON US - In the 90′s our existing clientele requested websites along with domain names.  This forced us into the web development sector, where we studied it and started doing small development jobs. Hot Dog, the object oriented development tool at the time was state of the art. Technology shifted in the late 90′s more into what we refer to as ASP (Application Server Provider), where FrontPage  considering its “buggie stages” was king at the time. In the mid 2000′s PHP came to town, the programming language was more affordable slowly leaving ASP in the dust.  PHP is leaner, meaner, and thanks to some development tools like Joomla & WordPress, its at the top of the mountain. Those are the platforms that we develop in. The MiamiWebDeveloper.com team specializes in HTML, PHP, WordPress and Joomla.

PLATFORM BUILDING - We can take your existing project and revamp it, based on our “Platform Builder” technology. If you are looking for a new website, a new logo, or branding, our team of professionals can assist you with this.

WORDPRESS – We strongly recommend WordPress. It’s a proven state of the art CMS (Content Management System) tool that with all of its available tools can make your business shine. The CMS concept will allow you to make any content changes automatically without having to depend on a web developer. This is the beauty of CMS. From a continuity standpoint, its probably the industry standard which means that it will be easy to find editors, contributors, developers, etc.

Hosting - Hosting is required for any website. Professional services are available at $25 a month, which we will personally manage.  This plan will give you as many user names as  you would want, I.E., wilson@yourdomain.com, chairman@… Etc.  Godaddy and other big players charge $10 a month or so BUT, every other thing you would want costs, and the personalized service that you will get from us will be best.  Not to mention, that any “non structural changes” will be done at no cost.

Continuity - You will have on hand ALL of the user name & passwords associated with your project from inception. For further details, we are available for consultation at your earliest convinience.  Call us at 305-266-7883, or 305-386-6165. We are also available via email at info@wilsonalvarez.com.