Within Miami, we are 20 minutes away from you. Our regular scheduled appointments are billable at $90.00. Our Chamber rate is $75.00 for anyone that is involved in a local chamber, this is our “Chamber Rate”. Emergency calls are billed the same, with the exception of an additional hour for travel time, and emergency service. We bill in one hour increments.

We cater to small businesses as well as residential clients. We are proactive in the preventative care of your computers to avoid any future emergency calls.  We are office automation specialists where we streamline your technology processes making you and your staff more efficient.  We do this through recommending industry standard software and integrating it into your current business flow. Paperless offices, your current network, data backups and making sure your equipment is safe & secure is our prime target.

We can be reached at 305- 266-7883, and via text at 305-386-6165. Our corporate email address is info@wilsonalvarez.com.

Snail mail can be delivered to:
PO Box 163211, Miami, FL 33116