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Choosing an iPad Pro Keyboard

Dec 10

Q. The $169 keyboard that Apple sells for its iPad Pro looks nice, but is it worth the money? What does it do that other iPad wireless keyboards can’t? A. Apple’s Smart Keyboard is expensive, but it was designed specifically for use with the company’s newer, larger iPad Pro tablet. The keyboard is flexible and can serve as a kickstand to prop up […]... Read More

Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook Reassures Muslim Users

Dec 10

The millennial innovator who got the world to share sonograms, goofy wedding photos, relationship statuses and innermost thoughts onFacebook is doing a lot of sharing himself these days. Now Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of the site, has added his voice to one of the most contentious political issues of the moment, with a strong statement on Wednesday night in […]... Read More

Gia Arbogast: Building on technology at Miami-Dade Public Library – Miami Today

Oct 13

While an undergraduate at the University of Miami, Gia Arbogast learned a position was opening up at a library branch in Carol City. She took the part-time job but, after a while, decided it wasn’t right for her.  Instead, Ms. Arbogast decided to use her degree in psychology and went to work in a drug […]... Read More