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The worm that spreads WanaCrypt0r – Malwarebytes Labs | Malwarebytes Labs

May 12

WanaCrypt0r is a ransomware infection that has spread through many corporate networks. Read a technical analysis of the worm that allowed it to do this. Something that many security researchers have feared has indeed come true. Threat actors have integrated a critical exploit taking advantage of a popular communication protocol used by Windows systems, crippling […]... Read More

MAC Lookup Site

Jan 26

Ever wanted to find out the manufacturer of any device on your network? It’s simple: From a command prompt, type in: arp -a Copy and paste the mac address and then paste in at your favorite Mac Address Look up site. Here are a few: http://bit.ly/1fIuDm5 Wilson Alvarez Consulting Group305Computers.com305-266-7883  ... Read More

Password Strategies

Jan 28

I forgot my password. Ever had that dilemma? Password, letmein, 12345678, and qwerty are some of the most popular passwords. Of course for that reason, you should never use them. I realize that it’s challenging to keep track of all of your passwords, (refer to my evernote article) especially with requirements like: 8-character minimums, upper […]... Read More