What they are saying about Networking

Want a faster Network?

Feb 24

100 Base T vs 1Gb Switch? Want a faster network? While you are focusing on running your business at its optimum level, you may not be aware that your 100 Base T network switch can be slowing your productivity down. Every new client I acquire has a 100 Base T Switch. What does this mean? […]... Read More

Map a Sharepoint Drive to a Mac

Dec 24

Source: www.kb.netvigour.com  ... Read More

Attaching a PC to a domain

Apr 10

The importance of DNS! A good friend of mine once told me, “Don’t ever forget, DNS is King”. He is so right. When installing a workstation to Server, the correct way to do it is by attaching the workstation to the domain controller. If you skip that, you will miss some of the resources that […]... Read More